Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weight Watchers - Week 8

Well, it was another tough week. I will blame my so-called "friend" (NOT!!!) for wanting to snack uncontrollably. I also went out with some friends, my cousin and my hubby Friday night and had a few drinks. The next morning I was sooo needing food and I quite enjoyed my steak and cheese omelette with homefries and toast. Oh yeah!!! I am just happy to report that I DID NOT GAIN this week as I thought I would have. I stayed the same which I'm extremely happy about. PHEW! I need to get back on track and have been good so far today. I've also planned my meals for the next couple of days so that usually helps me. I am going to a friends for an overnight scrapbooking get together Saturday so I plan to enjoy myself but hopefully won't go too overboard. I promise to post something other than WW sometime soon. I have one card to put up for now but I did it a few weeks ago. I haven't done anything lately and hope to get some scrapping done this weekend! Send me some mojo... PLEASE :)

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