Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weight Watchers - Week 29 (or more like week 1...)

Well, I officially restarted WW last week so I'm not sure if I should call it week 29 or week 1. I was never completely off I guess since it was on my mind and I still weighed in each week sooo I'll just stick with 29 (with several bad weeks in between). Whatever it is, I had a successful week and lost 4.5 pounds so I'm back down to 171.5. I was hoping for a 4-5 pound loss so I'm very happy. Now let's see if next week cooperates and I can get below 170. That would be GREAT! I'm back on track, baby! Yeahhh!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guess who's backkk???

MEEEEE!!! hehe My hubby and the kids took a road trip to North Carolina to visit his family then on the way back we stayed in DC for two nights. We squeezed a lot in... the Washington Monument, the zoo, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Lincoln Memorial. The only thing we didn't get to see that I wish we did was the White House. We tried to go before heading home but the roads were blocked off and there was a large crowd hanging around. I'm not sure what was going on but we just couldn't get in there. Next time! I hope everyone's been well and I hope to make a card or two here in the near furture!!!

Weight Watchers - Week 28

I had posted back on 7/1 that I was off track with my diet and would be on vacation for two weeks so I'd report my loss (ok, gain) then. YES, GAIN! LOL I never diet while on vacation, that's just silly! :) I did gain over the last 3 weeks as expected but 6.5 pounds? YIKES!!! It SUCKS but what can you do??? Get back on program, that's what! I restarted WW today weighing back in at 176. UGH! How does the weight come back on so much fater than it comes off? No fair!!! I need to make sure I start drinking enough water. I think that has a large part to do with it this time around. I usually don't drink a lot of soda and I did over the last couple of weeks and barely any water at all. BAD, BAD! On a seperate note, 3 zits have mysteriously appeared on my face. Where the heck did they come from? I haven't had one in YEARS! Needless to say, I feel like a hideous, fat cow. Just thought I'd share!!! hehe

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Roll out!!!

My friend Melanie has made some of these cards and I really liked the look so I wanted to try one myself. I didn't see one of her cards using this technique on her blog so I've linked you to her Etsy shop instead. As for the technique itself, you simply draw a frame maybe about an inch or so in around the backside of your paper. You then use a ruler and exacto knife to cut from corner to corner of your drawn frame. Lastly, you flip the paper back over, mat it to your paper that will be in the background (only gluing along the outer edges) and tight roll each triangular piece outward kinda like the bottom of your pants in the early 90's! LOL As for my card, the bird cage and sentiment stamp is from Unity's May KOTM. Other than that, I just tied some jute through a clear button and adhered it to a paper flower in the upper corner. I have to add something here... a plug if you will :) I just signed up for Unity's KOTM program in May so I've received two so far and I just love them... so much so in fact that I've even purchased a couple of the past kits as well. They're just so cute and fun and best of all, high quality and affordable (not to mention they have great sales on top of it)! You must check them out if you haven't already though I'm sure you have!!!

Hey, Sugar!!!

I made this card using the Pink Paislee Sweet Cakes stamp set and matching background paper. I used the Labels 4 dies to layer and stamp on then I popped the popsicle up and added some orange Stickles to make it extra "Sugar"y! The light blue and orange/white gingham ribbon worked really well but I wanted to add the word "hey" on there somewhere and I just couldn't get it so you could read it. It was blending into the background... and really ticking me off if I must admit it! I hate that!!! Perhaps I'll try again as I do feel it's "unfinished". For now, what you see is what you get :)

Happy Birthday card

Ok, so this has to be the most uncreative card that anyone has ever made with Unity stamps!!! LOL I still think it's pretty though and sometimes it's just nice to come up with something so quick and have another card under your belt! The flowers, happy and birthday word stamps are from the May KOTM. I stamped the dragonfly and the "enjoy your day" sentiment from the same kit on the inside. I colored the word HAPPY in pink to match the little bit of pink on the yellow paper which I really like. It's so bright and "sunny"... unlike the weather that we've been having here in NH! It's all good though :)

Sweet Summer Strawberries

I have had this SU Tart & Tangy set since last summer and had yet to use it. There's a surprise!!! I cut the bottom corner out with the scalloped circle die but it was kind of an accident. Originally, I was going to use the green to mount the strawberry images but I liked them on red better so the green became my background (which I ran through the Cuttlebug using the Swiss Dots folder) and the red circle popped right into the hole in my card :) Since my card was 6x6, I had a seam so I placed the ribbon over it to cover it up. I freehanded the "You're so Sweet" which actually didn't come out too horribly. It isn't my favorite card but hey, they can't all be!

One size fits all...

Okay so maybe that's not true for a bra :) I actually really hate bra shopping! I can never seem to find out that's just right and what a pain in the a$$ to try them on and how come you can be one size in one brand and something totally different in another? Also, uniboobs are not good!!! I don't know what's worse... that OR muffin tops! Or even worse... camel toe! LMAO Ok, back to my card because I'm getting out of control. I made this little card using the Nestablities Blossom dies. I haven't yet ordered this set but a friend of mine bought it at CKC and I'm so glad she did because I got to use it :) hehe This stamp set is by Skipping Stones Designs and is so fun. I got it a while ago on ebay but she still sells it. The inside says "Bras are like FRIENDS they don't care if you're a boob". Again, quick and easy but cute!!!

Make a Wish

This was a pretty easy card but I like how it came out so I thought I'd share. I used some background paper with dandelions on it to go with the "Make a Wish" sentiment that I cut out using the Cricut. I matted it on dark gray which matched perfectly and I was pretty pysched since I almost didn't buy that color at Joann's when I had went shopping the day before. Don't you love when that happens? Other than that, I just added a few black gems to add a little something to it. DONE!

I've got PMS!!!

No, not that kind!!!!! LOL I was on SCS a few weeks ago (well, I'm on there every day but you know what I mean) and I saw this card and thought is was adorable. I ran off to see what kind of stamps this company had since I'd never heard of Paper Makeup Stamps (hence the PMS). Well, I loved the Nature's Song set so I had to buy it of course. This is the card I made. I was really ticked that my sentiment was a little crooked BUT I didnt want to waste the cute pink background paper. Besides, it's not that bad and that's what makes it look handmade, right? Humor me here :) Remember, I am a perfectionist and working to get over it!

Weight Watchers - Week 25

Miracles happen! I didn't GAIN this week! LOL I didn't lose either... but I didn't gain :) I will be on vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee next week AND I will be in North Carolina visiting my hubby's family the week after so I won't be home to weigh in either week. Besides, diets never work on vacation!!! So, I will weigh in on 7/22 and officially "restart" my diet. I have not been on track for a while so I think that will just be best. Please send me some motivation while I'm gone!!!