Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CTMH Soul Mates Word Puzzle

I'm so sorry I haven't posted any artwork lately. I really haven't gotten to play at all. Yesterday, I was finally able to get down to my room long enough to clean up a bit and make this one card. I guess it's better than none :) The color of this card is Tulip which is new from Close to My Heart. I went classic Valentine colors with the black and white using the Labels 1 Nestabilities. I stamped the hearts and overlapped one over the other then added another little heart in white pigment ink. On the right side, I stamped the little flourishy thing twice (once upside down) and then stamped the sentiment in between in white and added 2 tiny little sparkles. I LOVE all of our Word Puzzle sets. We have one for each month and then some extra ones such as this one, Soul Mates. We also have one for Friendship and a couple others too. If you're ever interested in seeing them or any other products, please contact me directly. Thanks for looking!

Weight Watchers - Week 3

Just a quick note about my weight loss and I'll be putting up a card. I lost 3 pounds this week, making my total 10.5 in 3 weeks and I'm well on my way!!! My next short term goal is 2 pounds and hope to hit that next week. I just wanted to share my pretty salad that I eat almost every day for lunch. Isn't it colorful? That big bowl is only 2 points and that comes from the 1/4 cup of 2% cheese crumbles. I LOVE cheese and just can't give that up. Luckily, I don't mind vinegar (balsamic is the best) so I don't have to waste points on dressing. Sometimes I even use croutons. YUM! I usually eat that with a turkey sandwich or a Lean Cuisine. I try to change it up a bit so I don't get bored eating repetitive things. It works for me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weight Watchers - Week 2

Hi, all. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting any cards. I quite honestly haven't had any time to play and I spent the long weekend at my mom's. My husband is off Thursday and Friday this week and then Monday and Tuesday next week so you can bet I'll FINALLY get some play time!!! Thank goodness because I'm going mental. I'm also placing a large order with Close to My Heart since I don't have anything out of the new catty yet. I'll get my new stamps just in time to make some Valentine cards. YAHOO!!! I also goofed because I meant to take advantage of a great offer on Shutterfly and totally spaced. I need to get back into scrapping. I'm missing it lately and I have way too many photos to not do anything with them. At any rate, I was checking in (with myself mostly) with my weight loss. I lost 1.5 pounds this week. I had really hoped for at least 2 pounds (3 or 4 would've been sweeeeet) but I'll take it considering I had a great week last week and that's how it works! So I'm down 7.5 pounds in 2 weeks, not bad. I find it helps to make shorter goals for yourself. Instead of me saying I still have 35 pounds to lose, I'm shooting for the 5 to get me down to 180 and then I'll set another short goal and before you know it, I'll be back in my size 8 jeans and looking like one hot mama ;) hehe

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yeah, baby!!! I just wanted to share my good news... and NO, I'm not pregnant! LOL

I'm sorry to type another post that doesn't have any artwork, however, I am not sorry to announce that I started back on Weight Watchers last Wednesday. It was kind of funny, for anyone who watches The Biggest Loser, all I could hear when I stepped on the scale was that "beep-beep-beep, your starting weight is..." LOL I wasn't going to post my weight but what the hell??? Here is it: 192.5. YIKES!!! I know I had a baby 9 months ago but c'mon! Maybe posting that will keep me more accountable since I'm not going to meetings. I'm going it (semi) alone with my point slider, notebook and the dreaded scale. I actually do have lots of moral support and a few "blubber buddies" as my friend Melanie so named us! LOL Plus, my 12-year old is on my butt about eating healthier and exercising. I was finally feeling ready, which I firmly believe you have to be in order to get results. I am so extremely happy to report that I lost 6 (YES, SIX!!!) pounds on my first week bringing my weight down to 186.5. Still a ways to go but I'll get there! From now on, on Wednesdays, I will be posting my weight loss and current weight here on my blog. I'm not even going to say "or gains" because I won't be having any :) My goal is to get to 150 so wish me luck and good luck to everyone else who is on this same journey!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nothing creative about this post!!! SAHM'S

Does anyone else feel like squeezing in a shower is getting something done and can check it off our to do lists??? Well, I got to take one today... YIPPEE!!! Check! hehe

This morning I dropped my son (12) off at school and went grocery shopping with the baby (9 months) since I was right by the highway, I figured why not just go get it done. Good thing I put pants on!!! Check! LOL

Came home, fed baby breakfast, put groceries away, checked my e-mail (of course!), changed diaper, got baby dressed. Check, check!

FINALLY got the baby down for nap, did dishes, folded towels that were in the dryer, moved towels from wash into dryer (not sure which accumulates faster... dishes or towels???), ran up and took shower (see note above! HAHA), put MY laundry in the wash. Check, check, check!!!

It's now 1:30 and I feel like I've actually accomplished some things today. Go me!!! I even got to eat breakfast and will probably have lunch here shortly though the baby will be up and it'll be lunch for him, another diaper change, playing toys, MAYBE another nap later this afternoon and dinner for him. Then off to my son's basketball game tonight (which I need to remember to bring his mouth guard since he called to tell me to since he forgot it), home to cook dinner for the rest of us and then guess what? THERE WILL BE A PILE OF DISHES AGAIN!!! LOL The cycle continues. Man, being a SAHM is not an easy job and we don't get paid. Well, I told my hubby he pays me in scrapbooking stuff and his reply was that I was the most well paid babysitter he knew. ROFLOL

Have a good day, ladies!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pink Paislee, Vintage Moon (OWL)

I know not everyone is loving the owls that seem to be so very popular right now but I LOVE them!!! This one is from the Pink Paislee set, Vintage Moon. My friend Melanie came over last week and we got to play for a while. She of course made a whole book while I made 2 cards but that's okay :) Can't hate a girl for being so dang talented! I honestly am not sure which paper I used for the background but it's one of those 2 sided ones that you can't decide which side you like best! hehe Anyway! I went with the brown polka dots and am happy with my choice. I stamped the limb which normally has these flourishy things on the ends but I stamped red hearts instead and covered them up so it would be more Valentine-ish. I stamped the owl twice and popped the top one up with foam squares and added some little googly eyes. Melanie had this stamp set with the journaling box so I stamped that and then stamped the sentiment (which I came up with... LOL) with my CTMH alphabet (well, one of my many!!!). I wanted the word eyes to be more prominent so I outlined it with a marker. Finally, I added the scalloped edge with ribbon along the bottom and stamped a border along the top with a stamp from a Technique Tuesday set that my friend had with her as well. Thanks, Melaine!!! hahaha

SU Kind Thoughts

Ok, so I'm a CTMH Consultant and lately I have been posting more SU and other stamped cards. Sometimes I just like to use different stuff but I still LOVE CTMH and our stamps ARE the best!!! I just had to get this set, Kind Thoughts, since I love butterflies! I had a pink card laying around so I went with that as my base. I used my Labels 1 Nestabilities and stamped the large image with a matching pink ink then colored in some of the flourish with a black marker and added some black and pink rhinestones. I had to trim the top off since it was too large to fit the card the way that I would like. I did trace around the inside with a black marker too and added a bit of ribbon for a little extra something. I stamped the butterfly 4 times and used 2 of them to layer underneath the other 2 so I could make them have some dimension by only gluing the center of their bodies down. I also added some pink rhinestones to their wings. I didn't stamp a sentiment inside because I'm not sure who I'll send this card to or for what purpose. It could be for anything!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I cleaned my room last night and thought I'd share it today before my table becomes cluttered with stuff again! My goal this year is to spend less time on the computer (shopping!) and more time scrapping. I haven't scrapped in a while since I drifted off into card making. I really have too many photos not to sooo we'll see how it goes. I didn't realize how fast the pictures went by so you can hardly read my descriptions of what you're looking at. I'll try to fix it if I can but you get the drift :) Enjoy and Happy Scrappin', Card Makin', Paper Craftin' and all that fun stuff!!!

My Scrap Room - Slideshow

Lizzie Anne Ornaments

TOOT TOOT! That's me tooting my own horn! LOL I absolutely love this card. YAY, go me! hehe For those of you that know me personally, I'm usually not that impressed with my own work. I'm a wicked perfectionist and always find the littlest things wrong but not with this one (except for maybe adding another layer of cardstock). OK, seeeee... I'm not going there! I embossed the background with the D'Vine Swirl Cuttlebug folder then stamped the ornaments from the Lizzie Anne Build a Bauble set in the baby blue to match the background. I adhered the pink cardstock and layered the ornaments on top of that. I embossed the ornament hangers in silver and added the silver cord to one of them. I used a piece from the Stylized Silver Hodgepodge set by SU to frame the Merry & Bright sentiment which is from CTMH's Christmas Melodies set. Of course none of my Christmas cards would be complete without a little bling :) Gotta love those little rhinestones!!!

Lizzie Anne Snow Globe

To post or not to post, that is the question :) This card is really quite simple and I wasn't that impressed with it but it was still cute so I figured why not. I honestly was in a rush and had to make 2 quick cards (this one and the previous post). I used Lizzie Anne's Build a Bauble set. I just purchased this one and one other before Christmas. I must say that I like the stamps a lot and love that they come in a CD case making them so easy to store. I don't remember what paper I used but surely it came from one of the mega packs I got at Michael's also from my before Christmas shopping sprees! haha I used Liquid Applique (who doesn't LOVE this stuff?) for the snow on the ground, a few snowflake punches and rhinestones, stamped the Let it Snow sentiment from a Hero Arts set (the one with the cute snowmen) and called it done!

SU Glorious Garlands

Well, what can I say? Never late than never!!! I had made a few last minute cards before Christmas and with cleaning and preparing for company, I never posted these to my blog. For this one, I used SU Glorious Garlands and went with traditional Christmas colors: red, white and green. It's nothing fancy but it looks pretty with the added ribbon (CTMH) throughout the tree. I cut the corners with the punch that's the opposite of a rounded corner (the name eludes me right now), added brads and used some gold letter stickers to put "Noel" down the side.