Monday, January 12, 2009

Nothing creative about this post!!! SAHM'S

Does anyone else feel like squeezing in a shower is getting something done and can check it off our to do lists??? Well, I got to take one today... YIPPEE!!! Check! hehe

This morning I dropped my son (12) off at school and went grocery shopping with the baby (9 months) since I was right by the highway, I figured why not just go get it done. Good thing I put pants on!!! Check! LOL

Came home, fed baby breakfast, put groceries away, checked my e-mail (of course!), changed diaper, got baby dressed. Check, check!

FINALLY got the baby down for nap, did dishes, folded towels that were in the dryer, moved towels from wash into dryer (not sure which accumulates faster... dishes or towels???), ran up and took shower (see note above! HAHA), put MY laundry in the wash. Check, check, check!!!

It's now 1:30 and I feel like I've actually accomplished some things today. Go me!!! I even got to eat breakfast and will probably have lunch here shortly though the baby will be up and it'll be lunch for him, another diaper change, playing toys, MAYBE another nap later this afternoon and dinner for him. Then off to my son's basketball game tonight (which I need to remember to bring his mouth guard since he called to tell me to since he forgot it), home to cook dinner for the rest of us and then guess what? THERE WILL BE A PILE OF DISHES AGAIN!!! LOL The cycle continues. Man, being a SAHM is not an easy job and we don't get paid. Well, I told my hubby he pays me in scrapbooking stuff and his reply was that I was the most well paid babysitter he knew. ROFLOL

Have a good day, ladies!!!


laos348 said...

I am convinced that the dishes magically multiply in the sink when I'm not looking! I will just finish a HUGE batch and turn around and more have found their way in there. You're having a really productive day - hope the rest of it is a good one.

Pat (mspfd) said...

Hope you find some time for yourself today!

gale said...

I know what you mean-it never ends!

Becky Sorensen said...

It nevere ends- I have twin 14 yr old girls and watch my 4 yr and 20 month old nephews during the week- I am so thankful that my bil put a dishwasher in our house right before we bought it from him!! Have a great day,