Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've got PMS!!!

No, not that kind!!!!! LOL I was on SCS a few weeks ago (well, I'm on there every day but you know what I mean) and I saw this card and thought is was adorable. I ran off to see what kind of stamps this company had since I'd never heard of Paper Makeup Stamps (hence the PMS). Well, I loved the Nature's Song set so I had to buy it of course. This is the card I made. I was really ticked that my sentiment was a little crooked BUT I didnt want to waste the cute pink background paper. Besides, it's not that bad and that's what makes it look handmade, right? Humor me here :) Remember, I am a perfectionist and working to get over it!

1 comment:

suzARTe said...

love this card. Such lovely colours. I have only just got back into making cards and loving every minute of it