Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weight Watchers - Week 12

Oh my aching head with my internet service!!!!! I officially hate Fairpoint and can't wait to switch (though Time Warner is not proving themselves to be any better in the customer service department). Being without service for 5 days is unacceptable and having a "call tag" or whatever they call it in for over a month with no way of telling me WHEN they actually might come is even worse. Oh and I just love being on hold for 28 plus minutes!!! Can you tell how happy I am? LOL I just signed up for an online course and I NEED my internet, not an option! Anyway, I am late posting my weight loss for last week but it's not my fault :) I lost 1.5 pounds last week making my current weight loss to date 21.5 pounds. The past 3 weeks have been slow going (0, 0, 1.5) so I'm really hoping for some good losses in the coming weeks. I'll be weighing in on Wednesday so we'll see what this week holds!

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