Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm sooo anxious!!! CKC: Here we come!

This coming weekend I am going to the Creating Keepsakes Convention with my girlfriends. We have been counting down for MONTHS and now it's only days away!!! Our festivities will start early as one of my friends is driving over tomorrow night and sleeping over so we can leave bright and early at 7 am on Friday. I have been attending CKC since they started coming to New Hampshire so this will be my 4th (or is it the 5th???) year going but my first time staying at the hotel it's being held at so it should be extra fun!!! The first couple of years, I went with my friend Melissa. I think there was a year in between where she couldn't go and I might've went alone. Then the year before last, we added my then new friend, Melanie, to the mix. We stayed at a cheap hotel that considered packaged snacks their continental breakfast! LOL Always an adventure! Last year, I had a baby on April 8th but was still able to make it. My hubby was a sport and went with me toting our 5 week old in the Baby Bjourn as pictured :) This year we're adding one more... my friend, Michelle. I think I'm going to go crazy with the 3 M names (Melissa, Melanie, Michelle) so I think I'll have to give them all nicknames! HAHA I am so looking forward to spending time with my best friends: taking classes, shopping, going out to eat, enjoying some cocktails, dancing and just having the best time ever!!! I truely love my friends and am so happy that we'll be able to spend this time together. Love you, girls!!! xoxo

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meremere said...

Have fun on your trip and congratulations on your weight loss!