Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weight Watchers (Take Two) - Week 4

I forgot to check in yesterday with my loss! Well, I actually didn't have one! I didn't gain either so that's good. I binged for like 3 days and got my "thing" on Tuesday so that explained why. Honestly, I expected to gain so I'm pleased with staying the same weight. Next week I'll be celebrating my 3 year anniversary so me and my hubby will be going out this weekend. I'm not quite sure what our plans will be BUT I know it will involve dinner out at least one night. If we stay overnight somewhere, it will be more than that. I'm thinking a big breakfast :) Mmmm!!!! I usually give myself some freedom over holidays and special occasions so I'm not sure what will happen next week. I sure hope I won't gain but will be extremely satisfied with staying the same weight again. We shall see!!!

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