Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me!!! Ok and to my hubby, too! ;)

Me and my husband celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on the 14th. My mom came over to babysit for two nights so we could get away for a much needed mini vacation.

We started by getting TATTOOS!!!

We didn't get matching ones per se, but we did both get tattoos that represent the kids. I got 3 roses to cover up an older tattoo that I wasn't in love with anymore and I also got three BUTTERFLIES to represent my three children!!!

My hubby got our little ones' footprints and names.

After the tattoos, we went out to dinner and drove the 2+ hours to the Mountain View Grand Hotel in Whitefield, NH. We arrived late so it was dark, but we got to take a better look around the following day. Beautiful, huh?

Friday morning we went on a zipline canopy tour at Bretton Woods. That was such an AMAZING experience. I am afraid of heights, but it was so awesome, I can't even describe it.

We did 10 ziplines... YUP, I came across THAT! Wooo hooooo!!!

Two repels...

...and two suspension bridges!!!

There was also a rainbow out from the time we were getting on our gear for almost the whole time we were out there in the treetops. I have a "thing" for rainbows and one of the songs surrounding our wedding was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" so it was really cool to see this on the day of our anniversary! :)

On the last day before we came home, we went on the Aerial Tram up Cannon Mountain. When we were living up "north" about 10 minutes from here, we never went so it was fun to finally do it.

It was pretty overcast and grey when we went, but still so amazing. On a clear day you can see into 3 states (NH, ME, VT) and Canada. How cool is that???

Happy Anniversary, Honey! {Not that he reads my blog! LOL} I LOVE YOU!!!

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shannonmvt said...

That is so awesome, love that you got tons of picks and shared them! I would love to see you again. When is your next visit up here?